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    If you require an accurate official certification of your language competency
    Lingua Assess has the service for you.

    Assessment online and you will receive the result

    One of our qualified assessors will conduct the assessment online and you will receive the result and certification in the globally recognised Central European Framework level, we also give you a feedback report on your test with recommendations on what to focus on to improvement your language competency if certain goals are looking to be achieved (i.e., IELTS 5.5, University approval etc).

    Simply book your required assessment via the link below, choose your schedule for your internet Assessment (approx. 30 -60 minutes) and we will confirm within 24 hours and send you a zoom link.

    The assessment test can measure
    any of the below competencies


    All of the above will receive a report and recommendation for future language improvements and a certification of competency

    Option 1: Spoken Assessment
    Name of participant Date Overall Grade Speaking Comments
    XXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XX/XX/XXXX B1.4 B1.4 2 main weaknesses: pronunciation, and need to use short, precise, to the point sentences which sound professional and accurate rather than casual and inefficient. Her fluency, grammar and comprehension are equivalent to B2. Her confidence is also good, but customers tend to think making mistakes, or weak in English because of the choices in words. She also tends to speak quickly and thus articulate poorly because she wants to show her strong command of the language, which is unfortunately reflecting negatively on her speaking abilities.
    Option 2: 2 skills (Spoken and Written)
    Name of participant Date Overall Grade Oral Score Speaking Comments
    XXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XX/XX/XX A2.2 A2.2 A2.2 Speaking: issues with fluency, past/present situations, answers in broken English; Comprehension: difficulty in understanding the meaning of most questions; Vocabulary: Limited; Grammar recognizes but doesn't use "past", future "will"; he had difficulty understanding the meaning of most of the questions. He recognized the past tense but doesn't use it naturally.
    Option 3: full 4 skills report
    Student’s Name:
    xxx xxxxxxx
    Program Type:
    Private Assessment
    Overall Grade:

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