Have You Been Thinking About Studying Spanish for A While? Then Stop Thinking About It and Act!

More than 7,100 languages are spoken throughout the world today. Each one
of them makes the world a diverse and wonderful place. Most of those languages fit
into a language family, it means that they are related. Spanish, Italian, Romanian,
Portuguese, and French belong to a language family known as the Romance
Languages which evolved from Latin, the language used in Ancient
Rome. Knowledge of one makes it much easier to pick up any of the others, since
they share grammar, syntax, and tons of similar vocabulary.

As of 2022, it is estimated that about 530 million people speak Spanish as a first
language. That is why, in terms of native speakers, Spanish is the second most
widely spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese. Besides Spain, it’s
relevant in Latin American countries like Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay,
Ecuador, and even the United States, where an estimated 37.6 million people speak
it as their first language. Spanish spans four continents, as the official language of 21
countries; it has navigated the rise and fall of great empires, has been a
representation of cultural identity, has been used as a means of unanimity.
Additionally, it is the most spoken of the Romance languages, the third most used
on the internet and the sixth official language of the United Nations.

Learning Spanish can be advantageous for a whole range of reasons: it will open
the door to a vast, exquisite, and historically important culture. You will learn
more about the country, where Spaniards like Pablo Picasso and Miguel de
Cervantes came from. The language of the Camino de Santiago has been also
spoken by some influential figures who have made their mark on the world, such as
Federico García Lorca, Borges, Dalí, Francisco de Goya, Cortázar, García Márquez,
Octavio Paz, Mario Vargas Llosa, among many others.

According to the British Council report “Languages for the future”, Spanish is the
most required foreign language in all areas. It is a high-demand language which is
essential as it helps with business growth and global communication. It allows you
to travel through more than 21 Spanish-speaking countries and discover the richness
of its cinema, literature, music, architecture, and the immense variety of its

Spanish is the fastest-growing language today. The USA, The UK, Brazil, Canada,
and France are the foreign countries with most students learning Spanish. Learning
Spanish translates to better academic and job opportunities. Well-known companies
are all worldwide, and the demand for multilingual applicants is increasing as a rising
number of employers prefer individuals who can speak Spanish fluently.

For a couple of years, Spanish has been one of the core strengths at Lingua Learn.
Now, it offers students the opportunity to perfect their language skills to communicate
effectively in both written and spoken.

Do you think they are enough good reasons why study Spanish right now?

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About the Spanish trainer: I am a dynamic and dedicated Language Teacher with over 13 years of
experience in creating innovative and interactive lesson plans for students of diverse backgrounds.
My strong communication and organizational skills, coupled with my expertise in various digital
learning methodologies, have allowed me to effectively engage my students and help them achieve
their language learning goals.
In addition to my teaching experience, I am also deeply committed to volunteer work and have
extensive experience working with underrepresented minorities. I am passionate about sharing my
skills and knowledge with others, and I have had the opportunity to train foreign language teachers,
helping them to develop their teaching skills and better serve their students. I am always seeking
new challenges and opportunities to grow as a language teacher, and I am confident that my
passion, experience, and expertise make me a valuable asset to any educational organization.

Cris Agudelo

Spanish Teacher