• Assements Tests


    The speaking test is in the form of a virtual one-to-one interview. In the speaking test students are asked questions based on daily life situations.They must answer in full sentences, making sure they use the correct grammar tense and correct vocabulary. Fluency and pronunciation are also taken into consideration during the test.


    The students are given a topic to write about, and they must write a certain number of words related to that topic.The students must be able to express themselves clearly, write in a variety of styles based on the topic presented, and organise their ideas carefully. Accuracy and spelling also play a key role in writing.

    Listening Comprehension

    In this section, the students will listen to a 30-minutes recording in 4 sections The listening section is designed to reflect real-life situations. In the listening, we test the student’s comprehension skills such as listening for detail, understanding the overall context and the speaker’s opinion.

    Reading Comprehension

    In this section, the students will be given 4 short texts to read. Students must have the ability to read, understand, skim through the text and extract the important information in a specified time frame. Then they must answer the questions related to the text, in the specified time.

    A CEFR level grade will be given for each language competency taken by the student , with an overall grade covering all competencies taken.

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