Learn A Foreign Language to Unlock More Opportunities

Language is the key to human connection, and learning a new language allows us to feed our brain, advance our career, explore the world and connect with others, which is one of the most rewarding aspects of the human experience. It is special to learn someone‘s language, learn his/her culture and feel local no matter where you are. Languages help us travel everywhere and have exciting adventures with new people. Moreover, it is incredibly amazing how we share our feelings and thoughts with people from different cultures.

It is also important to speak more than one language if we want to increase our chances of receiving bonuses and high salaries if we want to work in other foreign countries.

As a German language teacher in Germany for over 5 years, I had a unique experience in teaching. My students came from different countries and had different cultures and religions. They were not able to communicate and sometimes had misunderstandings. After they started learning the German language, they were able to express more about themselves, their feelings, their journey to Germany and their future plans.

I was honored to unite my students under one language and introduce them to a new kind of communication. I also noticed that my students improved their listening skills, became better at making important decisions and they became more adept at multitasking and adapting to changes in their environment.

On the other side, it was very effective to let my students know that I could speak their languages. It overcame their fears about learning the German language and it gave me the opportunity to help them solve their problems.

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Sahar Iskender

German Teacher