Unlocking The World: 5 Reasons Why Learning English is Essential in Today’s Global Society

Hello everyone! My name is Kathleen Taylor and I have a passion for global education. I have been teaching for over ten years in international schools and private tutoring (in person and online). I have worked with students of all ages including children and adults. I have been working with clients from all over the world at varying levels. I have extensive knowledge of language acquisition and experience creating engaging English language learning content for diverse learning communities. I am a humanist who believes in respecting all people and I value open-mindedness in cross-cultural communication.

Why learn English, you may ask? There are many reasons why someone should learn English. Here are some of the most important ones:

Global Language: English is spoken as a first language by over 400 million people around the world and as a second language by over a billion people. It is the most widely spoken language in the world and is the language of international communication, business, and diplomacy. Many companies and organizations require their employees to have a good command of English, as it is the language used for communication in many international business meetings and conferences. Knowing English can help you communicate with people from all over the world.

Education and Career Opportunities: English is a gateway to higher education as it is the language of instruction in many universities and educational institutions worldwide. Knowing English opens up more opportunities for higher education and having a good command of the language can open up opportunities for further education and career advancement.

Travel: Knowing English can make travel easier and more enjoyable, especially in countries where English is commonly spoken. Since it is so widely spoken, you are very likely to find someone who speaks English in most places in the world. 

Personal Development: The vast majority of content on the internet is in English, including websites, social media, and online publications. Knowing English can help you navigate the internet more easily and access a wider range of online resources and information. Learning a new language can be a challenging and rewarding experience that can improve cognitive abilities, memory, and overall brain function. It can also enhance social skills and increase confidence in communicating with others.

Cultural Understanding: English is a language that has developed over many centuries and has been shaped by a wide range of cultural influences. As a result, there are numerous cultural aspects associated with the English language. Learning English can help people better understand and appreciate English-speaking cultures. English is renowned for its rich literary tradition, with famous works ranging from Shakespeare’s plays to Dickens’ novels to modern-day poetry and fiction. English-speaking countries have produced many famous musicians and genres, such as rock and roll, pop, and hip-hop, which have become influential worldwide. Many great TV shows and movies have also been produced or translated into English.

So why not get started with an English course here today?

Kathleen Taylor

English Teacher